Why this last mile market transformation?

  • Delivery volumes are increasing
  • customer behavior and lifestyles are changing
  • major players are entering this market and are making offers
  • CSR strategy un a must
  • the customer expects an on-time, complete, and “error-free” delivery (Delivery In-Full On-Time DIFOT)

Our offer

Notico offers innovative, progressive, and long-term software solutions for transport and logistics industries
We provide to managers field-proven, easy-to understand solutions to help them transform their business,
We are familiar with their expectations therefore our software solutions delivers concrete, measurable benefits that are shared by the stakeholders

Notico Deliv is a platform for digitizing the entire last mile process to meet the requirements of end customers, forwarders and carriers

Notico Pickup is an innovative software solution for the management of pick-up points, taking into account the constraints of volume, real time and the new services to be provided.

Notico Docks is a platform for controlling and securing incoming traffic on docks.

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